Zoho Mail


Due to the recent flurry of media attention pinpointing privacy concerns within Google’s ever popular e-mail solution, Gmail, I decided to conduct research to see if there were other e-mail solutions that perhaps might offer improved privacy.





  1. I am interested in what you found out about setting up Zoho for your client email solutions. It is an option I have been considering for some time.

  2. Sanford,

    I have been using Zoho Crm, Invoices, and Mail for over a year. Zoho mail has some good features such as integration to Zoho CRM. My only complaint about Zoho Mail is that the filter system is not effective.

  3. Kerry, Arelthia and Jan,

    Thanks for dropping by and posting your Comments; Greatly Appreciate them.

    I will report back soon on Zoho Mail.


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