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The purpose of this Comment Policy is to reveal the guidelines concerning how We manage this website/blog and the guidelines concerning how you may interact with this blog.

Basically, when interacting with this website/blog, as long as you always conduct yourself in a highly respectable, professional manner and always strive to provide constructive value to our community, then your presence here will be welcome and appreciated.

Our Comment Policy:
All comments that are submitted to this blog are first filtered by Anti-Spam filters to identify and weed out spam.

Comments that are deemed legitimate by the Anti-Spam filters are then routed to this website/blog’s Email Inbox.

Comments that are deemed illegitimate by the Anti-Spam filters are prevented from reaching this website/blog’s Email Inbox.

Spam Filtering:
It is important to note that spam filtering is not a perfect science

This spam filtering imperfection explains why:
1. Legitimate Comments are sometimes prevented from reaching our email inbox because they are incorrectly identified as spam.

2. Illegitimate Comments are sometimes permitted entry into our email inbox. even though they should have been identified as spam and thereby weeded out.

So, please be patient with us as we do our best to monitor our email inbox and the anti-spam filters to make sure that:

1. Legitimate Comments do reach our email inbox.


2. Illegitimate comments do not reach our email inbox.

All Comment Rights Reserved by
We reserve All Rights to moderate this website/blog including the following:
1. To moderate each comment that is received by this blog/website.
2. To determine which comments will be published to this website/blog and which comments will not be published to this website/blog.
3. To edit any comment before it is published to this blog.
4. To delete any comment that is deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or lacking relevance.
5. To fully comply with law enforcement concerning any illegal content that is submitted to this website/blog.
6. To make periodic changes to this Comment and Comment Moderation Policy when necessary.

Constructive Comments Are Welcome:
Basically, comments that that are deemed to provide the Most Constructive Value to our community of readers will have the best chance of being published to this website/blog.

On the other hand, comments that are deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant for any reason, will be immediately deleted and will not be published to this blog.

If you have any questions concerning this Comment Policy, please feel free to contact us via email at:

Comment Policy – Anonymous Credit:
To properly give credit where credit is due, we did receive help in writing this Comment Policy; however, the persons/website that kindly provided the help to us specifically requested that their names not be mentioned here.

So, we are giving Anonymous Credit – Here – to those who helped us craft this Comment Policy.