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WordCamp Raleigh 2014

WordCamp Raleigh 2014 Attendee’s Desktop Server

If you are a Web Designer and are looking to improve your Web Design Workflow when designing and developing a new website, then you may wish to check out’s Desktop Server.’s Desktop Server product will provide you with an Offline Local Host.

A Local Host is basically an Offline Server that is installed directly on your computer.

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I recently used to purchase a Domain Name and am glad to report that helped Secure this domain name purchase and transfer on my behalf.

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WordCamp Raleigh 2013

WordCamp Raleigh 2013 Attendee

I will be attending WordCamp Raleigh 2013 this weekend.

WordCamp Raleigh is the Annual WordPress Conference that is fortunately held in Raleigh, NC each year to cover all things WordPress.

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Zoho Mail


Due to the recent flurry of media attention pinpointing privacy concerns within Google’s ever popular e-mail solution, Gmail, I decided to conduct research to see if there were other e-mail solutions that perhaps might offer improved privacy.